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Sports Nutrition

B.Sc in Nutrition Natalia Di Minico

Sports Nutritionist | Anthropometrist ISAK1

Professional License: 12231863

General information

  • Licensed in Sports Nutrition and Anthropometry.
  • Graduated from Rivera University
  • Anthropometrist Level 1 – Certified by ISAK “International Society for the Advancement of Kineanthropometry”.
  • Diploma in sports nutrition by IICDEM “Instituto Iberoamericano de Ciencias de Deporte y el Movimiento Humano” (Iberoamerican institute of sports sciences and human movement).
  • Certificate in Applied Nutrition for Specific Sports by G-Se “Grupo Sobre entrenamiento” and Francis Holway.


  • Anthropometry: Study that allows to evaluate the size, proportions and composition of the body by measuring fat folds, perimeters and diameters, knowing which proportion of the weight corresponds to muscle mass and which to body fat. These metrics are essential to assess and exploit the responsiveness of an athlete.
  • Sports Nutrition: Area within the field of nutriology that aims to assess the nutritional status of athletes to provide them with personalized recommendations that allow them to achieve their maximum athletic performance and maintain an adequate state of health.